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Products & ServicesFertilizers

Such as Granular Urea Fertilizers, DAP Fertilizers and a range of NPK Fertilizers.

Granular Urea Fertilizers Specifications:
Nitrogen: 46% MIN
Biuret: 1% MAX
Moisture: 0.5% MAX
Partical Size: 2 - 4 MM. 90% MAX

DAP Fertilizers Specifications:
Nitrogen: 15% MIN
Biuret: 1% MAX
Moisture: 1.5% MAX
Partical Size: 4MM 90% MIN. & 1 MM 10% MAX.
Soluble P2O5 in Cetric Acid: 46% MIN.
Soluble P2O5 in water: 41% MIN.


a black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation. It is used for road surfacing and roofing.

Synthetic Polymers

Synthetic polymers are derived from petroleum oil, our synthetic polymers range of products include nylon, polyethylene, polyester, Teflon, and epoxy.


Animal Farms

We offer a comprehensive rane of products, all meetin the highest quality requirements of farmers and the latest guidelines. Our new generations of disinfectants and nutritional supplements contribute to better animal health and better operating results farmers. Al Domani is a prominent multinational leader in agribusiness, specializing in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed and end-to-end supply chain management. Leading expertise in the farming, processing and supply of feed products and commodities.


Solar Energy System Installation

Al Domani Energy creating a sustainable world using the inovative technology to develop clean solar systems. We are already actively participating in the development of renewable energies, especially solar. With operations spaning the manufacture of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, ground based power plants, decentralized systems, storage solutions and marketing to end-customers, we are present across the entire value chain and fast tracking the deployment of solar technology.

Pipe Manufacturing

Al Domani has a state of the art pipe extrusion factory onsite to manufacture all the necessary size pipes needed for the irrigation system, from main lines to overhead pipes.

The factory is strategically positioned from a logistical prespective, to serve the local and neighboring countries. The raw materials used to manufacture the pipes are carefully selected amongst the best available on the market. It is produced from Polymerization of Ethylene and their lifespan in a system is estimated for at least 50 years. This is important to withstand the harsh desert conditions in which these irrigation systems operate in and to minimize maintenance on the system.


Mechanization Solutions

As a result of the harsh desert conditions Al Domani acquired the rihts to Floppy Sprinkler as an irrigation system which is best suited for the challenge. This system uses leading edge technology to preserve water and energy while it is easy to maintain and manage. Floppy sprinkler is an overhead system which cover 97% of the irrigated area, distributing water evenly over any shape and sizze land. This unique design not only irrigate crops and forage efficiently, but also cool down environmental temperature in summer through automatic, sequential block irrigation. This helps to achieve optimal growing conditions and increase overall yields while utilizing far less water than conventional systems.

Al Domani is the distributors of the Floppy Sprinkler System in the MENA countries. We offer turnkey irrigation solutions to clients, to cater for any condition.

Agricultural Advisor

Al Domani has a team of Agricultural Specialist and analysts to ensure best practices in terms of farming methods and practices are implemented with the utilizing the latest technology. This includes precision farming, drone technology and irrigation automation and measurement techniques. These services are a phone call away for investors or clients.


Logistical Services

Al Domani has highly qualified and experienced loistics team with a strong distribution network that support delivery of forages to the UAE Government and local farmers.

The team facilitates the procurement, shipping and distribution of these products, while maintaining strong relations with reliable shipping companies like Maersk, Evergreen, MSC, CMA & UASC. This guarantees service excellence. Overseas logistics teams in USA, Spain & Sudan handle & exports forages to Middle East and Far East Countries.

Al Domani also has its own fleet of trucks and hay handling equipment supported by experienced engineers and operators. The priority of the team is top ensure utmost customer satisfaction by delivering on time and according to the required quality standard.

Input supply

Due to the fact that Al Domani has to procure large volumes of input supplies for production of various types of crops and forages, we have a team specialized buyers. These buyers have a network of suppliers across the globe to ensure best price, quality and continuity of supply. Investors can benefit by leveraging off this expertise and economies of scale to achieve lower overall input costs.


Water Well Drilling Service

Water well drilling rigs are designed to be durable, and highly reliable, which are widely used in most difficult enviroments, our quality water drilling machine could easily cope with varies of boreholes drilling from shallow to deep borehole drilling through tough soil conditions and rocks conditions. For business starter, Al Domani offers training on water bore well drilling machine and borehole drilling skill.